My review of Nemacolin Woodlands Spa & Resort
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A Review of Nemacolin Woodlands Spa & Resort

If you are looking for a luxurious (four-star) place to relax, regenerate, and play with either the family, your best friend(s) or your special someone - then you are in for a treat!

Here's the Scoop:

Service - Excellent!

  • Here is an example of their wonderful customer service.
  • When we made our room reservations, it was recommended that we make dinner reservations then because they become full quickly. Well, as you might have surmised, we did not to make dinner reservations because we just didn't know when we would be hungry several days in advance. As predicted, we did get hungry for dinner and since we had ordered room service for breakfast (we ate lunch at the pool), we wanted to venture out of our room for dinner. So, we stopped in at the dining room and were met by the restraunt manager who graciously accommodated our reservation request for later that evening. After a nice walk on "the path", as it's called, we strolled to dining room and were greeted by name from the resraunt manager. The resort was booked and from one introduction, the restraunt manager knew us by sight! He made us feel like we had finally made that trip to come visit our old friends. You know, friends you've promise to visit for years and something always came up. And as expected, our old friends were just delighted that we came. If you want to know what superior customer relations are- take a trip and see some "old friends" you didn't know you had at Nemacolin.

Accommodations- Excellent!

  • At Nemacolin there are variety of accommodations to fit your needs such as townhouses, cabins, or rooms.
  • We stayed in the Lodge,the original building, which was remolded in the 70's (but not in the garish 70's style). Our suite, furnished with antiques, was plush and spacious. Our room had a small terrace where we ate our early breakfasts and overlooked the Lodge's wooded entrance. We had a large (king size) poster bed, a full-size bath with separate dressing area, a porcelin claw-foot tub and a shower.

    Next time we sleep at Chateau Lafayette. The rooms are rumored to be extrodinary.

Activities- Too many to count!

  • Nemacolin is a self-contained resort. You can hike, bike, swim, shop, ski, golf, minature golf, get a massage,facial, meditate, do an "adeventure bound" course, tour and browse their art on display or just relax at the lounge. There was so much to do and so little time, we never even left to see the quaint shops that are nearby. So, stay a couple more days and do "the shops".

Food- Above Average, of course!

  • From Cuisine to Pizza: A good range that accomodates the disriminating palate and kids.
  • One of the wonderful things about Nemacolin is its variety of restraunts and activities. If you don't want to dine formally - you can choose from a "50's" ice cream soda shop, a casual sports bar which doubles as a night-club in the evening (with live music), the dinning room, room service and I think there's another restraunt as well (which I didn't go to).

    How was the food? The food quality ran from a bland mushrooms stuffed with crab (perhaps because I come from Maryland and the crab is always superb!) to the extremely delicate and delicious from the main dinning room. Over-all above average with excellent service in the dinning room.

Prices- Very Expensive

  • Don't forget to bring your credit card for this trip!

  • Sorry, to say - this is an expensive week-end retreat. For our two-night, three day stay at the Lodge(suite) with spa services which included a massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist and full-body herbal wax (something), and three meals was approx. $700.00. But, as you can tell from my review -it's worth it.

    One way to save is to check out the specials that the Resort runs on their web site.

A ReCap of My Recommendations:

  1. If you drive to the resort - take a day off and enjoy the drive. See the views, stop at the little shops and stores, and take some pictures at the scenic view areas.
  2. Make your dinner reservations when you make your room reservations. Or take your chances like us. Maybe you'll meet the restraunt manager too! Tell him we send our regards!
  3. Stay longer! If you think you can only afford two nights - save some more and spend a couple more nights. Once you get there you'll wish you had a couple more nights! We did!
  4. Feeling poor? Well, check out their web-site and see if they are running any specials.
  5. The spa is wonderful. If you can afford it take all the "exotic" treatments you can!
  6. Make your spa reservations at the time of your room reservations. It's almost impossible to get a specialty treatment with out them.
  7. So, you decided to take my advise and stay that extra couple of day and now you don't know what to do? Go take a drive and do a little shoping and "antique-ing". There are lots of quaint shops around the resort.
  8. Don't feel comfortable with out a guide? Take us along on your trip and we will guide you through all the intraquies of Nemacolin! Opps - I just couldn't help a shamless solicitation to go back! :)
  9. Finally, after your trip e-mail me and we will put your trip experiences up!

Take a jump over to Nemacolin Woodlands Spa and Resort if you like to find out more information.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and my travel adventures at Nemacolin Woodlands Spa and Resort. If you have been there, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at
. I will post your experiences and comments in the future.

Happy Traveling! - Anne

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