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Like many people, I like to travel. But unlike most people, I tend to encounter a lot more travel mishaps. My friends tell me that's why I have such interesting, sometimes strange, and funny travel stories.

This is my travel adventure gateway. From here you'll accompany me to China, Taiwan, Tokyo, Israel, Mexico and more. Photos, stories, fun facts, travel tips, and reviews are included.

Let's take a weekend get-a-way to West Virginia,
at Cool Font Spa & Resort. CoolFont Lodge
The CoolFont Lodge, all dressed up for X-Mas.
Ready to go?

Or Visit...

NOTE: Because of the many photos on my pages, please anticipate a longer download time. I promise they are worth the wait!

On the Travel Tour and Review Slate:

  • Photos & stories of Hong Kong.
  • My brief sojourn to Tiawan.
  • Conclusion of 1987 Asia tour with Tokyo.
  • Then off to Israel. (Boy, do I have stories for that trip!)
  • Our next trip, closer to home, is Mexico. Fourteen days off the beaten path sight-seeing.
  • A cruise to the Bahama Islands.

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