A Trip to China - The Summer Palace
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The Summer Palace

As the name implies, this huge park was the summer respite for the Emperor and his Court. The Lonely Planet.com reports that the Summer Palace contains "Qing architecture". I admired the park for its serenity and beauty.

Pictured below is the Kunming Lake which was built by hand! Kunming Lake
You can just barely see two people net fishing. In the distance you can see what appears to be a building. Let's see what it is.

That building is actually - one large marble boat! The Marble Boat
Just in case you are wondering, no it doesn't float.

Here is another photo to give you an idea of proportion. Look closely on the right, there is a person standing by the column. Two Stories High

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the lovely covered footpaths. But, you can find some great pictures at the Lonley Planet.com.

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