The Forbidden City - Murals
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The Forbidden City - the Emperor's Palace

Your tour of the Forbidden City wouldn't be complete until we stop for a moment and visit the Temple of Heavenly Harvest.

Temple of Heavenly
As you will notice the Temple of Heavenly Harvest is quite impressive raised up with three round floors and surrounded by three white circular stairs. If you look closely at the staircase (right-hand corner),
you can just make-out another stone relief in the middle of the stairs.

The Temple of the Heavenly Harvest was used annualy by the Emperor, who would perform religous rituals to bring a bountiful harvest. The Emperor's Chair
When you walk into the Temple you see a mamouth wood carved "chair". This is where the Emperor sat. Notice the beautiful painted and gold guilded tiers of the ceiling.

Below is a closer look at the ceiling art work.Art on the Ceiling

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