CoolFont Resort & Health Spa: Review
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A Review of CoolFont Resort & Health Spa

CoolFont is a unique resort and spa which offers romance, family fun, and spa pleasures only two hours from Washington, D.C. in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Here's the Scoop:

Getting There -

If you live in the Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia area, it's just a short drive time. Otherwise, you will have to book a flight at any of the metropolitan airports and rent a car for the trip.

  • Our Arrival
  • Like most weekend get-away travelers, Domingo and I left as soon as physically possible on Friday evening, about 5:00 p.m. and to our surprise we arrived just in time for dinner. Since we were pretty ravenous, we celebrated by gorging ourselves at the Seafood and Prime Rib buffet. But, I am getting ahead of myself here.

    CoolFont Lodge The trip was an easy 2 hour ride, with no difficult directions or traffic construction. (I add this tidbit, because we had a 45 minute detour to Nemancolin which was no fun in the dark!) We arrived to the CoolFont turn off, (well marked by a 6 foot high sign!) just after sunset. The road leading to CoolFont was windy, often steep with tall pine trees hugging the paved road. We felt like we were entering our own little piece wilderness. Our anticipation grew with each turn of the road and before we knew it, the CoolFont A-frame lodge swung into view.

Lodging -

CoolFont Chalet There are several types of accommodations at CoolFont such as:

  • the historic Manor House, also the owner's lodging
  • a motel-like Woodland Lodge
  • A-frame chalets
  • private and rental cabins and
  • camp grounds with common showers.
At that time CoolFont had a winter weekend special that included lodging and meals at their casual, yet gourmet panoramic resturant.

Being the romantics that we are, we couldn't pass up the chance to relax in a cozy chalet nestled in the woods ---

at a bargain, no less!

  • The Chalet
  • Chalet Wood Stove The chalets are rustic, A-frames which sport winter heating from caste iron wood stoves.
    We had an adventure trying to lite our stove. If you look closely you will see directions posted on the wall. They were a bit cryptic and well, I did my best. After I loaded up the stove, lit the kindling, and the fire was roaring we weren't even sure the smoke was going up the flue. So, we took our trusty flashlight outside and looked to see smoke. We did! We were toasty all night.

    Wood is provided, just step onto the quaint deck with patio chairs for summer & spring repose.

    Chalet Porch

Chalet Decor

  • The Chalet decor is rustic country, although some chalets sport 4 or more person spas.
  • Handmade quilts adorn the walls and the unfinished wood walls complete the mountain retreat milieu.
  • Our chalet slept 6 (2 queens upstairs & 2 queens down stairs), accompanied with a 4-person whirlpool downstairs and a shower upstairs.
  • Too much space for us, we thought, but we did sleep upstairs one night and downstairs another - just for fun!
  • We had two couches, a small, but adequate pine dining table, as well as, a standard resort phone with all the appropriate numbers listed. In addition, the small alarm/radio clock came in good use, as did wake-up call service.
  • I was glad to see that CoolFont participates in water conservation. Guest may opt not to have sheets and/or towels replaced each day.
  • For all our chalet's charm, CoolFont needs to spend a bit more time on maintance. Water damage in bathroom walls, floors and slip-job remodeling for handicapped accessiblity was evident. Not to mention the ever present (but most difficult to remove) mineral deposits caked on facuets. (As you can see, bathrooms are a pet-peeve of mine.)

Chalet View In the morning enjoy a fresh pot of coffee and the view before breakfast at the lodge. Incidentally, all chalets have a small fridge, sink and coffee-maker which was handy.

Be warned CoolFont is designed as a true retreat. So, there is no T.V. in the chalet. Besides, you are here for fun, relaxation and "quality time", right? Now on to food & fun!