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Going to SfAA Conference? Need a Room? Like to Share a Room?
Look here for your fellows. Please e-mail them with your response.
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The Notices:

Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000.

I will be at the San Francisco SfAA meeting for Thursday through Sunday. Would anyone like to share a hotel room in order to cut the cost?
Tom Greaves, Prof. of Anthropology, Bucknell University,
Please disregard this notice. Tom Greaves has already found a person to share his room.

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000.

Have room for Sfaa meetings, seek roomer(s) to share expenses
From: Donna Dwiggins,
I am a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) at Washington State University in Pullman WA. I know that most grad students, like me, are struggling to cover expenses, so sharing room expenses seems logical to me. Ideally, of course, one would know the person first, but as it seems in my case, no others from here are attending the meetings.

I will arrive on March 21, depart Saturday morning, making 4 nights stay. The room is in the Cathedral Hill hotel (where the meetings are) with two double beds. Preference is for females, and definitely non-smoking. I am a mature woman (a grandma even!), but am pretty tolerant of people's idiosyncracies at all ages. Thanks for your good work! Thanks Donna! - Anne