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2000 Annual Report

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Submitted By: Anne Ballenger, Chair
Monday, October 16, 2000

The Student Committee annual report is, quite interestingly, occurring in the midst of our planning and implementing this year's activities, rather than at the completion of our year. As such, this report reflects our past and future goals and activities for Year 2000-2001.

Our last year has been one of change and transition. In April Kurt Mantonya announced his intention to resign from the Chair position and in July Anne Ballenger, then Vice-Chair, assumed the position of Chair. All other Student Committee positions remained the same with Kimberly Norwood-Bryan as Editor, Christy Noonkester as Secretary, Carla Guerron-Montero, as Executive Committee Liaison, and with the Treasurer position unfilled.

The Student Committee will hold elections for the 2001-2002 (2 year) term this January and all students are encouraged to apply with their resume/CV and a brief proposal for their intended position. Elected representatives will notified several months before their installation at our yearly meeting during the SfAA Conference in Merida, Mexico (March 28-April 1, 2001).

The Student Committee web site (Student Nexus), temporarily housed on Anne Ballenger's web site until the Web Master position is filled, is accessible from the Student Committee Page at the SfAA Web site under Committees thanks to Neil Young's efforts. The Student Nexus is still quite active with 10-15 (*update 30) hits a month and continues to provide students with timely information on internships, scholarships, employment opportunities, as well as, Student Committee activities and goals. Also, the Student Nexus will show case Student Committee sponsored and co-sponsored sessions and events for at the 2001 SfAA Conference. This will include sign-up sheets for the SfAA Past President and Student Luncheon and the Career Workshop "Mock Interviews". In addition, the Student Committee will encourage student presenters to place their Conference session/paper abstracts on the site, too. Anne Ballenger (anneball@erols.com) will coordinate and implement these additions to the site in November.

Two new Student Committee goals have been proposed for this year: increasing student awareness of the Student Committee and increasing student participation in Student Committee activities. To increase student awareness the Student Committee will create and distribute a quarterly, electronic newsletter for students by students (those without e-mail will receive a print copy). Not only will the newsletter provide information on Committee activities and plans, it will also provide space for student expression such as expository critique, essays, reports from the field and the like which discuss issues pertinent to the practice and development of applied anthropology. We hope the electronic newsletter will provide a springboard for a thriving student interaction across geographic boarders.

To increase student participation in the Student Committee we will utilize the first electronic newsletter issue to conduct a student survey. The survey will assist in the identification and assessment of current issues, needs, and desires of our student constituents. Results will be collected via e-mail, phone and post and we will make results available via our web site, the newsletter, and at our annual meeting in Mexico. In addition, the Student Committee will vote to implement, at least one, of the prioritized student recommendations at that time. The Student Committee hopes that this survey will provide access to students' voices, increase student input and pave the way for a more responsive and interactive Student Committee in the future.

As an extent to our dual goals, the Student Committee has increased its activities for the SfAA Conference in Merida. This year the Student Committee is sponsoring and organizing one Special Event and co-sponsoring three others.

The SfAA Past President and Student Luncheon, co-sponsored by the SfAA Business Office (BO), has met with much success in past years and this year will be no exception. Handwritten invitations to all SfAA Past Presidents were mailed in September and nine accepted with four others who may attend if their schedules permit. In addition, we will be contacting those who haven't responded over the next few months. This may be the largest turn out! Students will be able to sign up for the luncheon at the Student Nexus, as well as, during the Conference at the SfAA Conference Registration table thanks to Tom May of the BO.

Also Carla Guerron-Montero, our Executive Committee Liaison, along with Carla Littlefield, Chair of the SfAA Membership Committee, is organizing a second annual Career Workshop that provides students with an individual resume/CV counseling session from a practicing applied anthropologist. In addition, this year Ms. Guerron-Montero will organize a second co-sponsored session that affords students with a unique opportunity to do a "mock" job interview and to receive valuable feedback by a applied anthropologist. All of the applied anthropologists will donate their time and experience to help burgeoning students; the Student Committee thanks you in advance. Students will be able to sign up for this event via our web site and at the Conference Registration Table.

And finally, the Student Committee has organized a Special Event Session: "The Real World of Applied Anthropology: Problems. Dilemmas, and Innovations of Practice". This session brings a group of exceptional senior applied anthropologists, practicing in a variety of settings and with different perspectives together to discuss their experiences working outside academia. This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how others have encountered difficulties, negotiated obstacles and achieved successful and innovative anthropological practice. Colleagues from the U.S. and Mexico will present and the Student Committee will make printed English/Spanish presentation translations available to attendees.

In addition, to increased student activities at the SfAA Conference, the Student Committee and Tom May (BO) will be working together to promote and encourage student awareness of special events and opportunities for students. Over the coming months our collaboration will focus on the Peter K. New Student Prize Competition which awards; a $1,000 prize, a Stuben Trophy, a travel stipend to the Conference and submission to Human Organization for publishing. The deadline for entry is Dec. 15, 2000 and more information can be obtained at the SfAA web site (www.sfaa.net ).

All in all it has been a good year for the students and the Student Committee and we hope that students will continue to play an active role in the Society. We look forward to passing the torch to our next Committee members and supporting their endeavors. And as always, if you have comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact the Chair at anneball@erols.com.
All the Best,
Anne Ballenger, Chair
SfAA Student Committee