SfAA 2001 Conference Photos
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SfAA Conference Photos:

SfAA Past Presidents & Student Luncheon

The SfAA Past Presidents & Students Luncheon was a resounding success! With 25 students in attendence, one Past President remarked: "This was the best turn-out ever!" In addition, fellow students who attended the luncheon said: "This was great!", "I've never met so many Past Presidents before!", "This was wonderful!", and "I really got good advice and contacts I'll use for a long time!" And by the way, "This was the best food I had in Merida!", was echoed by students and Past Presidents alike.

This year we were able, with the assistance of Mark Grey, 2001 Conference Chair, to provide 25 students with a free lunch and I was so happy to see that you were able to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Next, year we hope to do it all again! I hope I see you there!

SfAA Past Presidents & Student Luncheon
Lot's of students!

SfAA Past President Nancy Gonzalez surrounded by students.

SfAA Past President Erve Chambers in rapt attention.

Students and more Students!

SfAA Past President John Young and student engaged in thoughtful dialogue.

Students discussing anthropology with SfAA Past President Alvin Wolfe

SfAA Past President Willis Sibley and student in conversation.

Student Committee Special Event Session:

"The Real World of Applied Anthropology: Problems, Delimmas and Innovations in Practice".

The Special Event session was a great success for those who attended and for those who presented. The Student Committee was very lucky to have such an extrodinary panel of distinquished senior applied anthropologists.