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SfAA Student Committee's page has moved.

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The SfAA Student Committee has officially moved its site! Please visit the NEW SITE .

Members of the Student Committee

Anne Ballenger, Chair
She attends Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and can be reached via e-mail at: .

This position is vacant.
Chad Morris, Editor
He attends the University of Kentucky and can be reached via e-mail at

This position is vacant.

Jennifer Weis, Secretary
She attends the University of Kentucky and can be reached via e-mail at

Communication Coordinator/Web Master
Position is vacant.

Carla Guerron and Lee Cerveny, Conference Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
Carla is graduating from the University of Oregon and Lee Cerveny can be reached via e-mail at
Andrew Gardner and Melissa Checker also serve on this Committee

Comming Soon- New Officers! -- Still looking! --

Yes, it's that time again. All positions are open and are for two years (2003-2005). Send me a letter of interest designating the position you would like to fill, a one-page vision statement that includes a proposal plan, along with your CV/resume to Anne Ballenger at Come and be an agent of change for your fellow students!
The following positions are still open:

  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • COmmunications/Web Master and
  • Volunteers to serve on Special Task SubCommittee's like Conference Activities, Student Needs Assessment Survey
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