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Student Committee News
Date: Sat, March 07, 2003
From: Anne Ballenger, Student Committee Chair
Dear Students,
It's only weeks away! The SfAA Conference in Portland, Oregon and my comps! Oh my, what excitement.

We have a couple of new items for this month already and an exciting new opportunity for applied social science students. See below for details.
  1. I am currently in the process of creating a Endowment to provide SfAA Student memberships for applied social science students in financial need. Dontations are already being accepted by the SfAA Business Office ( or e-mail ) for the addres of the business office.
  2. The Student Committee web site will be moved to the SfAA server in April. You can view our Web Site Transition Plan Slide Show and add your comments if you like. Note, this page uses frames.
  3. Carla Guerrón-Montero has organized another fabulous Career Workshop for you at the Portland Conference. This is not to be missed! One on one time with a seasoned expert - how much better can it get? Pre-registration is necessary and all the details are below.
  4. Did you miss the SfAA Conference boat? Or would you like to present at another venue? There are still choice opportunities to be had. Below are two calls for papers. One with CORI, even provides networking opportunities for those of you interested in collaborating on a panel.
  5. If you want more information about setting up panels or participating as a presenter check out the Conference Connection.
  6. The tentative Agenda for the Student Committee Business meeting - Thursday 20, 2003 at 12:00 -1:15 p.m. We hope to see you all there!
  7. Looking for a room at the conference? Visit the SfAA Forums, for both Student Committee Section and Conference Section.
That's all from me! Let me know if the Student Committee can do anything for you… Best, Anne
Conference Connection News
Date: Sat, March 07, 2003
From: Anne Ballenger, Student Committee Chair
2003 SfAA Conference LogoSfAA Student Committee's: Conference Connection
Everything for you about the 2003 Conference in Portland, Oregon. The Conference Connection provides information on travel accommodations, Awards, presentation how-to's, making the best of the conference, and referrals are provided.
NEWConference Events
A list of events and items of interest for students about the conference is up.
NEW CV/Resume Workshop --
For the 4th year - the wonderful Career Workshop will be held. Details below:

CV/RESUME Workshop for Students
SfAA Conference
Organized by: Carla Guerrón-Montero (Regis University)
Facilitators: Michael Whiteford (Iowa State) & Pamela Puntenney (Environmental & Human Systems Management)
Thursday March 20, 12:00 - 1:15 pm

~ Sponsored by the Membership Committee and the Student Committee, this is a hands-on workshop to help students write a good CV or resume. Professionals in the academic and practitioner world of anthropology will facilitate the workshop. Students should bring an updated CV or resume (depending on their interest) to the workshop.
The workshop is free of charge.
Pre-registration is required (to register, contact the SfAA Business Office at
SfAA Past President & Student Luncheon:Allies American Grill
One of the best ways to get to know prominent applied anthropologists in an informal setting is the SfAA Past Presidents & Students Luncheon. It's not stuffy; it's a sit down lunch where we sit a Past President to the right and left of you. All of the Past Presidents are very friendly and make time out of their schedules just to talk to YOU!.
Did I mention that 25 students have lunch on us?
If you are not sure what you're getting yourself into, check out the photos of previous luncheons.
Contact me to reserve your space.
Drop me an e-mail
Check your reservation
See the sign-up list.

From: Ellen Salkeld,
Subject: SfAA Student Reception at Conference
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003

"Wayne State Business and Medical Anthropology Reception/Open House"

Faculty and graduate students from Wayne State host a reception for members of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

The event will be held Friday, March 21 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in Rm # 1634 (6th floor suite) at the Marriot.

There will be refreshments served.

From: Kristin Lundberg, SfAA Student Board Representative
Subject: SfAA Student Volunteers Needed
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003

Call for Student Volunteers for Conference In Portland (March 19-22)

We use students mostly at the registration desk the first couple of days. It's a great way to meet other people, put faces with the names of scholarly work you have been reading, and get your next year's SfAA membership in exchange for your time! If you are interested in volunteering at Portland, please email me with your preferred time and day. I will get back to you to confirm a scheduled time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at email: and make sure you introduce yourself in Portland. If we met this past year, then please say hello when next we see each other and I will look for you as well!

Kristin Lundberg
SfAA Student Board Representative

From: Melina
Subject: Job Announcement
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003

Job Announcement: Executive Director

Blocks Together, an award-winning, direct action nonprofit community organization, is seeking an Executive Director to work with a dedicated team of experienced organizers and community leaders.

Blocks Together is dedicated to developing grassroots leadership and empowering residents to win improvements for their neighborhood while challenging the structures that create inequities in communities of immigrants and people of color. We believe that by working together, residents can improve the social, economic and physical conditions of their community.

The overall goals of the organization are to:

  • Increase the community's capacity to take action to address important issues & create accountable relationships with institutions and elected officials.
  • Challenge members to develop skills to advocate for their community and themselves.
  • Address root causes of poverty and inequality in the community.
  • Create neighborhood stability by ensuring that needed resources are invested in the community.
  • Work towards linking community issues to larger issues of social justice through ongoing campaigns and organizational vision dialogues.
  • Be inclusive of all people regardless of class, race, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • For the past 10 years, Blocks Together has worked in the communities of West Humboldt Park and North Garfield Park on Chicago's west side. The total population of the area is 65,836. Within this population, 48% are Latino, 47% African-American, and 3% Anglo.

    Through the efforts of thousands of dedicated youth and adult leaders, Blocks Together has forced public officials to be accountable to low-income residents in a variety of areas including the public schools, public capital spending, police accountability, affordable housing and health care. In addition, we emphasize the development of a strong leadership base of low-income women of color through our Women's Committee, and youth between the ages of 11 and 18 through our Youth Council.

    Responsibilities will include:

    • Collaborating with and reporting to a diverse, bilingual board of directors made up of adult and youth residents who lead Blocks Together
    • Managing and growing a $450,000 annual budget
    • Developing organizational and committee budgets, tracking and accounting for all financial activity, preparing financial reports and working to prepare an annual audit
    • Working in partnership and providing development opportunities for a team of five experienced, full-time community organizers
    • Hiring and training new community organizers
    • Working with the board, staff and leaders to ensure that Blocks Together is meeting its mission and goals, and that the organization's work and decision-making process are community-controlled
    • Working collectively with staff and leaders to ensure that Blocks Together continues to grow both through its organizing efforts, and through ongoing strategic planning and vision dialogues that challenge the organization around issues including racial justice, class and gender
    • Working collectively with staff and leaders to continue leadership trainings on issues including power, self interest, identity, ethnicity and race, and youth empowerment
    • .
    • Reaching out to individuals, institutions and organizations in the community
    • Working collaboratively with other community organizations from Chicago, and from around the country

    Additional Qualifications:
    Any candidate should be passionate about building a direct-action organization that is led by youth and adult leaders and is committed to social justice.

    Any candidate should meet the following qualifications:

    • At least 4 years of community organizing experience
    • Spanish/English fluency--both written and oral
    • Experience working as a team and sharing decision-making with community leaders and staff.
    • An understanding of and track record in working to affect public policy and long-term change through community organizing
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • A proven track record in fundraising--both from foundations and through local fundraising efforts
    • A commitment to youth leadership in community organizing.
    • Dedication to and experience working with low-income communities of color
    • Experience supervising and training new staff
    • Administrative experience
    • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and some weekends
    • A reliable car

    Salary & benefits:
    Salary is between $40,000 and $45,000, depending on experience. Excellent benefits, including health, dental and pension.

    How to apply:
    Completed applications, which should include a resume, a sample of written work (preferably a funded grant proposal--please include no more than 10 pages), and at least 3 references should be mailed and/or Emailed to us at:
    Claire Marcy & Melissa Spatz
    Blocks Together
    3914 W. North Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60647

    Applications will be accepted until March 15th. We will notify applicants as to the status of their applications. Any questions about the application process or position should be posed via email.

    Applications from Co-Directors will be accepted. Please note that if Co-Directors apply, each applicant must meet the position requirements and the applicants must have a history of working collaboratively.

    Women, immigrants and applicants of color are encouraged to apply.

    For more information about Blocks Together, please visit our website at

    From: SfAA
    Subject: SfAA Online Book Store and Malinowski Monograph
    Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003

    Dear SfAA Member:
    We are pleased to announce the official opening of the "SfAA Online Book Store!"

    Featured in the bookstore is the newly released Malinowski Award Monograph. The Monograph highlights the careers of the twenty-eight persons who had received the award by 1999 and illustrates major themes in the development of applied anthropology in the twentieth century. Their Malinowski Award addresses provide an interesting reflection on issues and events of this era.

    The Monograph is available in electronic format (Acrobat Reader - pdf file), and may be ordered online and downloaded immediately to your computer at our secure site. Individual chapters may be selected as well.

    In addition to the Malinowski Monograph, the SfAA Online Book Store features two hard copy books: Classics of Practicing Anthropology and Intellectual Property Rights for Indigenous Peoples, A Sourcebook.

    To access the SfAA Online Book Store, go the SfAA Home Page at: and click on Publications.
    Or, go directly to the Book Store at:

    We hope you enjoy this new feature on the SfAA web site.
    SfAA Office

    From: shectman,
    Subject: Summer Institute in New Media
    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003

    Summer Institute in New Media

    Applications are due by March 31st for the first annual Institute in the New Media at Dartmouth College from July 7th to 19th, 2003. A Scholarly Communication Institute, organized by the Berry Library at Dartmouth, will overlap with the New Media Institute.

    The Institute will consist of two seminars of 12-14 members each, to be conducted respectively by Professor Lev Manovich (University of California San Diego) and Professor Margaret Morse (University of California Santa Cruz), both leading authorities with important publications in this field.

    Each seminar will meet at least three times weekly. In addition to leading discussions, the seminar leaders will also hold office hours for individual consultation. The seminars will not be primarily technical in nature; rather, they will create a setting for learning and exchange in the rapidly evolving critical discourse(s) pertaining to the New Media.

    For further information, syllabi, and applications, see:
    Stan Shectman
    President, Graduate Association of Visual Anthropology (GAVA)
    Department of Anthropology
    Temple University

    Date: March 07, 2003
    From: Anne Ballenger, Chair Student Committee
    Subject: LPO's

    Are you looking for a Local Practitioner Organization in your area? Here is a list of some that I found recently. You can look up their URLs by going to the SfAA web site (

    • Chicago Assn. for Practicing Anthropologists (CAPA)
    • High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology (HPSfAA)
    • Mid-South Assn. of Practicing Anthropologists (MSAPA)
    • North Florida Network of Practicing Anthropologists
    • Southern California Applied Anthropology Network (SCAAN)
    • Sun Coast Organization of Practicing Anthropologists (SCOPA)
    • Washington Assn. of Practicing Anthropologists (WAPA)
    • University of Nebraska-Lincoln LPO (UNL-LPO)
    • Northeastern Anthropologic Association (NEAA)

    Date: Sat. March 01, 2003
    From: Stan Shectman, GAVA President,
    Subject: Call for Papers

    Visual Culture:
    A Future for the Anthropology of Visual Communication Conference Announcement and Call for Presentations

    The Graduate Association of Visual Anthropology (GAVA) at Temple University invites presentation proposals for the seventh-annual Visual Culture conference, a day-long forum to run concurrently with the American Anthropological Association meetings in Chicago, Illinois in November, 2003. The Visual Culture conference seeks to cultivate a community of young scholars interested in all facets of the anthropology of visual communication/visual anthropology, and to provide a forum for the presentation of visually-based and experimental work.

    Proposals are being solicited from any student currently engaged in research in the anthropology of visual communication/visual anthropology. In addition to the presentation of papers, the conference organizers strongly encourage work that explores visual and experimental presentational formats, including, but not limited to, such media as film, video, photography, dance, performance, the plastic arts, or computer/digital. Although panelists presenting work at the AAA may still participate in the Visual Conference, the organizers cannot accept papers already being presented at AAA panels.

    Please send presentation proposals with: your name; address; e-mail; institutional affiliation, if any; title of presentation; and a 250-word abstract. For visually-based presentations, please also include a list of equipment needed, and, if possible, a work sample. Proposals may be sent in writing or via e-mail. Visual material may be sent as VHS/mini-DV, photographs/slides, CD-ROM/DVD, or 3.5 floppy. Please do not send original versions of work, as no returns can be guaranteed. Panelists are limited to 20-minutes per presentation.

    Deadline for submitting proposals is May 31, 2003.

    Completed presentation proposals should be sent to:
    Futures Conference
    Stan Shectman
    Temple University, Department of Anthropology, Gladfelter Hall 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19122.

    For further information, contact Stan Shectman, GAVA President,, or Tinna Gretarsdottir,

    For previous years' programs and abstracts, please visit:

    Site Last Updated March 7, 2003