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The SfAA Student Committee has officially moved its site! Please visit the NEW SITE http://www.sfaa.net/committees/students.html .

The SfAA Student Committee is pleased to serve you and offer several events for students. In addition to these, there are many great opportunities for you regardless of where you are in your degree process. In SfAA you are a member first and student second - that is there are no real pedagogical boundaries here - so don't miss out!

Student Conference Orientation - Wed. 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.
~ The Conference Chair, 2 SfAA Past Presidents, 1 past Student Committee Chair the Student Committee provide you with the "ins and outs" of the Conference. Useful information for previous and new conference attendees abounds is this information packed session. Topics like:
  • How is the conference structured?
  • What are the special events and why are they special?
  • How to get your conference bearings - what's where -
  • Open Business Meetings - Closed Business Meetings & What is a Business Meeting for that matter?
  • Looking to network, meet new people? What are the conference norms?
  • What's going on for students - a student Party? - too many socials -- not enough time?
  • Getting the most from your conference experience
  • and more... maybe refreshments.... and always a way to meet recent Past Presidents and the Student Committee

NEW CV/Resume Workshop for Students,Thursday March 20, 12:00 - 1:15 pm
Its the fourth annual Career Workshop organized by Carla Guerrón-Montero, Past Student Committee Chair (Regis University), and this year Michael Whiteford (Iowa State) & Pamela Puntenney (Environmental & Human Systems Management) will facilitate.

Sponsored by the Membership Committee and the Student Committee, this is a hands-on workshop to help students write a good CV or resume. Professionals in the academic and practitioner world of anthropology will facilitate the workshop. Students should bring an updated CV or resume (depending on their interest) to the workshop. The workshop is free of charge. Pre-registration is required (to register, contact the SfAA Business Office at info@sfaa.net).

Student Committee Business Meeting - Thursday 12:00 - 1:15 pm.
~ Open to all student members, the business meeting is where ideas are translated into action. The new 2003-2005 Student Committee will be installed with fresh ideas and vigor. Come tell us what you want!

The SfAA Past Presidents & Students Luncheon: Saturday
~ This is a very special opportunity for students to meet some of the most influencial applied anthropologists in a VERY relaxing, informal and intimate setting. Each year students and Past Presidents alike, tell us how much they enjoyed it! Think of the possibilites... students determine the topics of converstation.
The Student Committee inconjuction with the SfAA Board and Conference Committee, are most pleased to offer 25 students a gratis lunch! Pre-registration is required see the Luncheon Sign-Up Sheet.

The Student Party - T.B.A.
~ Always a good time and a great way to meet your fellow students, see old friends and renew acquaintances. Check the registration desk for details!

I will have sessions up soon
Check out the preliminary conference program on the SfAA Web Site under the conference tab.

Looking to share a room at the conference?
~ Check out the SfAA Forum off the SfAA main page where you will find others looking to share a room.

Looking for a cheap place to stay?
~ Check out the Conference Connection: Travel section.

SfAA 2003 Annual Meeting
~ Need to register for the conference? Do it on-line at the link above.

2001 SfAA Conference - Success!
~Did you attend the Conference? Were you unable to make it? Then, stop here to see highlights & photos!

Suggestions & Comments

As always, suggestions,comments and new information always appreciated! Drop me a-line (anneball@erols.com).

last update 2/20/2003.