SfAA Student Committee Announcements
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SfAA Student Committee's site has moved

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The SfAA Student Committee has officially moved its site! Please visit Please visit the NEW SITE http://www.sfaa.net/committees/students.html .

The News:

A Logo Contest!
At our last meeting, much to our chagrin, we realized that the Student Committee did not have stationary nor a logo for our stationary. So, we ask YOU and your fellow students to create our stationary logo.
To entice your creativity we offer: 1) $100.00, and 2) a free student membership which includes the SfAA Newsletter, and 3) credit for your logo.
So, send us a drawing, a sketch, a graphic or poster with your best representation to any committee member!
Fill a Committee Postition
The Treasurer and Web Master Positions are vacant. Wouldn't you like to participate in your Committee? If so, just e-mail me or Kurt with your resume and we'll consider you at our Business Meeting in March!
Do you have a web site?
We'd like to promote more interaction among our student members and one way is to show case your web sites by listing them on YOUR web site. So, send us an e-mail with your URL and let's put them up!
Your Ideas
Do you have a great idea, suggestion or comment you'd like your Committee to know about, act on or respond to? Well, let's us know via e-mail or sign the guest book on the Student Nexus page! We'd love to hear from you!