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The SfAA Student Committee has officially moved its site! Please visit Please visit the NEW SITE http://www.sfaa.net/committees/students.html .

In the next several months we are setting the March 2001 Business Agenda. Here are the tentative agenda items as of December 15, 2000. All student members are welcome to the business meeting and we encourage your comments, ideas and suggestions for our meeting!

What's on the March 2001 Business Agenda:

Old Business

  • 2000 Annual Report Presented.
  • Status & Review of 2000-1 Goals, Aims and Objectives Proposed in 2000 Report.
    • Goal: Increase student awareness of Student Committee
    • Goal: Increase student participation in Student Committee goals, activities, and objectives
    • Objective: Provide a Student Column in each issue of the SfAA Newsletter.
    • Objective: Provide assistance to SfAA Student Award and Prize Committees and discuss student representation on said Committees.
    • Objective: Create, disseminate & implement a Student Needs Assessment Survey
    • Objective: Develop, implement & maintain a Student ListServe. Current status is new business.

New Business

  • Installation of new 2001-2002 Student Committee Executive Board.
  • Election submissions due by Jan. 20, 2001 and members notified by Feb. 1, 2001
  • Provide 2001-2002 Student Committee with Student Committee reports & documents
  • Review status of Student List Serve and Create, Develop a SfAA Exeuctive Committee proposal for the creation, implementation, and maintaince of a Student ListServe for the 2001 SfAA Executive Board Meeting
  • Additonal New 2001-2002 Objectives Proposed
  • Student Committee By Laws Review.
    • Executive Committee Chair position may be changed to Chair-Elect and Chair. This will allow the incoming Chair (chair-elect) time to transitition and gain valuable experience regarding past, current and future Committee plans, goals and objectives. The Chair and Chair-Elect would both serve two years, with a one year overlap.
    • Discussion of Student Committee Advisor mentioned in the By Laws.
  • Our Web Page - Plans for improvement (chat, host a distinquished guest chat and such)
  • Additional Special Committees Proposed for objectives.
  • Student Committee Activities for annual SfAA Conference.
  • New Business motions from the floor (student members in attendence).

Just E-Mail Us ...

  • Would you like to add an item of business? Just e-mail us.
  • Do you have a great idea? Just e-mail us.
  • Do you know how we could improve? Just e-mail us.
  • Do you want to volunteer your time for a small project? Just e-mail us.
  • Would you like to fill a position? Just e-mail us.
  • Do you have a question? Just e-mail us.
  • I think you get the idea... Just e-mail us - we are here to help you.