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This is the organizational node to my varied professional interests in cultural, applied and medical anthropology, as well as, public health.

You will find information and links regarding sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), epidemiology, U.S & international health. In the future I will add STDs fact sheets & the latest STD/HIV public health news.

In addition to cultural and medical anthropology information and links, you will also find Student resources such as funding, as well as, info on the Society for Applied Anthropology, Student Committee.

Like many medical anthropologists, I practice more than one disicpline - thus, my multidisciplinary pages. For example, my new resource page provides links to public health, STDs, cultural and medical anthropology, and general funding sites.

I have just completed an Applied Anthropologist Position Announcement Page to increase general knowledge regarding: "Just what does an applied anthropologist do?" and to increase job posting circulation. Feel free to take a look; you may be surprised at the breadth and depth of the applied anthropology field.

So, explore the professional site & let me know about your excursion - Anne

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