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I'm glad you could stop by and visit my re-designed web site.

I'm an applied medical anthropologist working in public health and Sexually Transmitted Disease arena for about 12 years. In addition, I'm finishing my doctorate in the same field. My current interest is in women's health, particularly those over 55 years of age.

On my site you will find work and "fun" pages. (Um, don't tell my professors I still have some fun, - else they'll give me more work!)

I am an avid traveler (or rather was until I went to doctoral school), reader, and always seem to be in throws of home-repair!

On the professional side there are anthropology and STD/HIV info links which may answer these questions:

  • "What is an applied medical anthropologist?"
  • "What does an applied anthropologist do?"
  • "You must see a lot bones, right?"

The Society for Applied Anthropology's Student Committee web site is up. Please visit it at

On the fun side of life - there are

  • Travel photos & stories
  • Book reviews (best-sellers & academic)

In the future you'll see

  • movie reviews &
  • elder health,policy,gender topics
    as I work on my dissertation.

My site is evolving, as I learn HTML & time permits, so check back and see the changes. I update my pages at least every month.

Please feel free to E-Mail Me with your comments and suggestions at!

Thanks for stopping by!
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