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Paradoxically, one of the onerous burdens of graduate school is one of my greatests pleasures - reading. Last semester (3 1/2 months) I read 14 books! This doesn't even include my pleasure reading that helps me to take my mind off those "serious" books.

Given all my reading, it seemed to be a waste not to share with you some of my thoughts and critiques.

Each month I do a "quickie" book review and rate my latest "reads".

A Note from Anne

First, I must apologize to all my vistors for not updating my BookShelf pages as I should. I've been studying for my comprehensive examinations which are now over - Yeah!

So, to celebrate Spring, I've put together a Spring Fest which reviews all the FUN books I've read in the last two months. Let me know what you think!

It's new!

Need to find a book that I reviewed? Just use the search engine below! I also have them on review pages, too!

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Take Care - I'll see you soon- Anne

p.s. Please feel free to E-Mail Me with your comments and suggestions at!

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