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Quickie Review: August

Book Cover Gravity - by Tess Gerritsen. Rating: A

  • What a pleasant surprise! It's wonderful collaboration of several fiction genres: Science Fiction and Medical Mystery.
  • Unlike Sagan, who's information packed books sometimes deter the casual reader, Gerritsen integrates technical NASA information and history ease. She even provides a helpful index for the numerous NASA acronyms.
  • On the medical side - it's so nice to have a leading female character which is not a cardboard reproduction of a woman (like Cook) and an interesting plot. Although, I'm tired of reading about frog DNA.
  • Unlike many of the medical mysteries now on the market, Gravity has a human story to tell. The characters have depth and the plot isn't driven by the dictum: "solve the mystery if you can".
  • Gravity is my pick for the best summer read! It's is way ahead of Cook's, now formula books and has a unique Sci-Fi plot.

Book Cover Black Notice - by Patricia Cornwall. Rating: C

  • Better than her last disastrous book. But, Black Notice is a poorly realized book.
  • The plot's venue change from the U.S. to England is tenuous at best and, for me, fell flat on it's face. It was a poor attempt to integrate her research about Scotland Yard to include in her book.
  • Her characters are portraits themselves, their dialogue stilted and, at times, completely unrealistic. Although, I did get a couple of chuckles from Dect. Marino's tirades.
  • All in all, a disappointment. Check it out of the library, if you must and save the $26.00.

Quickie Review: July

Book Cover The Right Hand of Evil - by John Saul. Rating: B

  • If you like a little mystery with your horror - then take a peek at John Saul's new book. I can't believe that he's still churning out the horror books with regularity - but if you've got talent for the macabre - it's probably best to display it through fiction than real life.
  • The book was a quick read (five hours of page turning in one sitting) but a little too gory for me. I'm sure the blood and guts fans will love it.
  • Plot wise - it was ok., but I certainly didn't get the haunting (no pun intended) and skin prickling feeling that I do from Stephen King.
  • If you want a no-brainer, with a little gore that reminds you of Amittyville Horror - then it's for you. (me - I'd wait for the paperback before shelling out that $25.00!)

Book Cover The Color of Night - by David Lindsey. Rating: A

  • Going to the beach? Pack this with your sunscreen and shades. You won't be disappointed!
  • A great mystery thriller with a gentle spy motif!

Quickie Review: June

Book CoverGideon: A Thriller - by Russell Andrews. Rating: A

  • An excellent read! An intriguing mystery involving a writer. It's worth the price.

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