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Sorry, no pictures for the old pages... But, the reviews are still here!

Quickies Review: March

1. Congress Today
by E.Schneir & B. Gross
Rating: B-
  • Very detailed, long, boring, and will inevitably be assigned for students.
    A tad ethnocentric, egotistical, and often infuriating.

2. Proposals that Work: A Guide for Planning Dissertations and Grant Proposals
by Locke, Spiruso, Silverman.
  • Excellent - If you want an easy to read guide - this is it! I've referred to several times already!

3. The Simple Truth
by David Baldacci
  • Another solid book from the author of The Winner. Looking forward to his next book already!

A Note from Anne:

That's all for March; it was a hard month at school that year. (Sigh)

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