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Anne's Medical Anthropology Page

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I will have lot's more here in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy the links...

General Medical Anthropology

Society for Medical Anthropology
The starting place for information such as: "What is medical anthropology?"

Medical Anthro Links
More medical anthropology links from SMA.

My Current Special Interests

Committee on Refugee & Immigrants
A committee within American Anthropological Association.

Refugee Studies Programme
University of Oxford's International Development Center at Queen Elizabeth House. News, info, & links.

International Development Co-operation Site from the WWW Virtual Library.

A META Search site of indexed search enginges for international development.

Office of Minority Health Resource Center
Lots of information about current projects, policies and grants.

Suggestions Welcome

Don't be shy! Let me know: 1) your links, 2)my outdated links, or 3) job positions. Suggestions

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Resource Links

  • Multidisciplinary
    Funding Links
  • Includes: Anthro, public health & genr'l funding.